Sandblasting, otherwise known as Abrasive blasting, does not have a universal fixed price for its service. One thing to know is that it probably won't cost more than $6500 altogether, wherever you may be. The least it may be is $100 if it comes down to it (though not very safe). You could either get an item sandblasted at a specific location or have a mobile sandblaster come to them. Prices greatly depend on this choice.

If a sandblaster were to transport his sandblasting equipment to another location, the charges would be around $50 — $70 per hour. Experienced sandblasters can charge as high as $75 per hour for quality sandblasting. A fixed location sandblasting company charges relatively the same, $45 — $65 per hour. Do not forget to ensure that the sandblaster has the required permits to do the job.

Another thing to have in mind is the method of charging. A sandblasting company can charge either by the square foot, per hour, or by the job itself. Note this, all together:

Sandblasting an exterior surface will cost an average of $970 (typical range being $570 — $1200)

Sandblasting a house measuring around 1,500 square feet will cost around $3000 (the lowest cost being $1500)

Sandblasting a home can take about 6 – 7 hours, depending on the square feet measurement

Sandblasting a car cost $1340 (ranging between $1000 -$3500)

Professional companies may charge the average cost of sandblasting labour as $2 per square foot.

You could self-sandblast if by any chance qualified enough to do so. A sandblaster can be rented for about $9-$15 a day. An air compressor for $15-$30 a day, and the abrasive will cost around $60 for a 50-pound bag. Purchasing a sandblasting kit for about $18 and an air compressor for $90-$200.

The benefit of having a company (especially a mobile one) to get this done is that the entire package comes with clean-up, equipment, and ease of mobility. Saving one a lot of work at reasonable prices. Also, self-sandblasting would incur some additional costs that are in line with certain safety measures (like getting permits, protective gear, and more)

In conclusion, on average, sandblasting something would cost between $790 — $1200, a successful one that is. At an average rate of $45 — $70 per hour.